Energy Therapy Session – 1 hour $75.00

I combine the following modalities and Unwinding, as needed, for each individual session. I tap in and follow your bodies energy to feel and remove blocks and imbalances. The following is a description of modalities I use.

Healing Touch / Reiki:

a process of directing energy through the hands of the practitioner to the client. Healing Touch is a gentle, biofield (energy field) therapy that often facilitates a deep sense of calm and relaxation in the Body-Mind-Spirit. I work to clear and balance the chakras and auric field, also clearing blocks of the meridian lines and acupoints. This promotes the healing process, stress release, and relaxation. This work is done either by light touch to the body or by working with the energy field slightly above the physical body. I incorporate Emotional Clearing and/or Unwinding as needed.

What to expect in a session:

Treatment is given fully clothed on a massage table with low lights and relaxing music. Using a very light touch or hands slightly above your body I work from head to toe, or vise versa, clearing the auric field and clearing and balancing your chakras which are also known as energy centers. I work along the meridians lines known as energy pathways and the acupresssure points that are associated with each meridian. Most poeple feel the stress and anxiety melt away within the first few minutes and drift to a very beautiful space of relaxation. I occasionally incorporate sound, crystals, and essential oil upon request.

Touch for Health Energy Kinesiology:

a technique which utilizes energy kinesiology and muscle testing for balancing. Muscles and organs are cleared of emotional and physical blocks using meridians, neurovascular, neurolymphatic and acupressure points.

What to expect in a session:

I incorporate into the above sessions as needed, but also work on secific areas as requested to include: Enhancement of Sports Performance, Advancment in Carrer, Public Speaking, Increase Joy & Harmony, Weight Loss, Fears, Phobias, Addictions, and Greif to name a few. Feeling and working within the energy of the organs ands muscles to balance over/under energies and/or weaknesses.

Medical Intuitive Quantum Healing:

a process of re-setting and balancing organs, central nervous system, hormones, and emotional issues, past and present. The intent is to heal from within, restoring and rejuvenating the entire body/mind/spirit system. Rebalancing the energy of the body’s cellular memory. When we address the issues that have been stored in our tissues, then the pain and suffering we hold is released.

What to expect in a session:

I incorporate quantum work into the above sessions as needed, but also work on secific areas as requested to include: Lymphatic Drain, Endocrine Reset and Balance, Hormone Balance, Emotional Clearing. Talking to the bodys subconsious to help it let go of blocks and barriers.

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