Unwinding Session – 2 hours $125.00

Craniosacral Myofascial:

A great therapy to return you to a pain free, active lifestyle. This technique focuses on the fascia of the body releasing holding patterns through initiating movement called ‘unwinding.’ Gently working with the rhythm of the therapeutic pulse of the cerebral spinal fluid balancing the sacrum and cranial bones for optimum brain and spinal function, allowing the body to release the molecules of emotion that we hold in our tissue, some of which we carry from birth. This is a great therapy to correct structural dysfunction of the body. Good therapy for TMJ and other mouth, jaw, and teeth problems. I also work inside of the mouth to unwind and release over worked, tight, and out of aligned muscles, as needed.

Unwinding works well with pregnancy, infertility, and birthing, we can carry trauma from our birth for a lifetime, why not let go of it today.

We carry around alot of emotional baggage and trauma that we do not need to. This is a fantastic treatment to allow your body to let go of trauma from accidents, we allow the body to unwind physically which in turns allows the body to let go of emotional trauma in the muscles and organs. Old auto accidents are a very common problem I see. My clients go through surgeries and physical therapy to heal. Then they have an unwinding years later and are amazed at the junk they are still carrying in the old wounds and tissue. I highly recommend unwinding for accident victims and falling injuries – it doesn’t matter how old the injury is.

What to expect in a session:

Treatment is given on massage table, laying and sitting, and also on a shiatsu mat laying and/or standing. Your body unwinds and releases blocks and imbalances. I intentionally start at the feet/legs, and move up to the hips, sacral, and then moving up the torso to the shoulders, arms/hands, and completing the session by checking and balancing the cranials. Clients are usually amazed at how relaxed they are after a session because there is a lot of moving, but a good moving. Wear comfortable clothing. You are always fully clothed. This treatment is good for chronic pain, trauma, and PTSD, and also just for a great overall feeling of strength and balance since it balances the central nervous system. The number one comment I hear is that the client feels taller and straighter.

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