Reiki Level I

Fee: $100 (8 hours)
Textbook is an additional 25.00 which covers Level I & II

Reiki has been growing in popularity among nurses and healthcare providers. Now, you can use this natural system of healing on yourself and those you care about. The Reiki system of healing is easy to learn and safe to use. Reiki even can be used to help calm overactive children. This class will cover information on the aura and chakra system. This class promises plenty of hands-on activity, meditations and attunements.

  • The History of Reiki and Reiki principles.
  • Using Reiki, feeling the energy.
  • What the attunement is.
  • Gassho Meditation.
  • Receive Reiki I attunement which enables you to channel Reiki Healing energy.
  • Reiki Hand positions.
  • Giving a complete Reiki treatment for self and others using techniques as taught by Dr. Usui.
  • Discuss the bodies energy field, chakras, auras & meridians.
  • Discussion about ethics in healing work.

You will receive a certificate showing your completion of Reiki Level I.

Continuing Education Contact Hours can be awarded for class participation.

No Prerequisite:  Level I & II may be taken back to back – no time needed between classes.

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