Reiki Level III Master Practitioner

Advanced Reiki Training (ART)
Fee: $250 (8 hours)
Textbook is an additional $25.00  which covers Level III & IV

This class provides additional healing and meditation techniques for those who have completed Reiki I and II. It is designed to increase your Reiki energy and improve your healing skills. ART teaches the Usui Master symbol and a number of techniques using this symbol. It is a very powerful class, and will take your healing skills to a new level.

Review of Reiki Level I and II.

  • Receive and practice the Usui Master Symbol which deeply empowers all other Reiki  symbols and strengthens our awareness of our Divine Guidance.
  • Receive Reiki III Master attunement which raises the vibration frequency of the Reiki energy.
  • Reiki Meditation, helps to strengthen the mind and expand consciousness.
  • Reiki Moving Meditation.
  • Discuss how to create a Reiki crystal healing grid for continuous Reiki healing.
  • Discuss and practice Reiki Aura Clearing.
  • Discuss developing a Reiki practice, forms, legal issues, insurance.
  • Discussion about ethics in healing work.

You will receive a certificate showing your completion of Level III Master Practitioner


Reiki I and II with a Usui Reiki Master Teacher. I recommend six months of practice between Levels II & III.  As no two people are alike, no two journeys are alike, so if you are not sure if you are ready for the next level please feel free to call me to discuss.

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