Jody’s Credentials and Training

HTCP – Healing Touch Certified Practitioner

I am certified and accredited in Healing Touch Programs, which is a nationally accredited program, and certified in Healing Touch International.  Healing Touch is endorsed by the American Holistic Nursing Association and is widely used in most hospitals across the world today. Healing Touch consists of five levels of intensive training and testing with a year long certification process and accreditation testing.

Healing Touch works with clearing and balancing the chakras and clearing the auric field, but also addresses a range of problems with special techniques such as Mind Clearing for migraines, Lymphatic Drain, Phantom Pain of amputation, Chakra Spread for addiction and greif, back techniques, and techniques for the elderly or wheelchair bound.

Healing Touch has a strong emphasis on structure and charting as they will hopefully be one of the first energy based modalities to be accepted and covered under insurance.

RMT – Reiki Master Teacher

I am trained in and teach the Usui System of Natural Healing.  Usui Reiki is the most common form of Reiki taught and practiced in the western world. Reiki is a Japanese based healing modality practiced around the world and dates back thousands of years.

I have set up the structure of my classes for CEU contact hours to meet the guidelines of Minnesota and Florida Departments of Nursing.

CranioSacral Therapy & Myofascial Unwinding

I have completed all five levels of training and testing with Dr Carol Phillips in Dynamic Body Balancing.  This training has special emphasis on pregnancy, birth, infants, and children. Healing trauma from birth, whether you are newborn or 80 years old.

Dynamic Body Balancing (DBB) techniques are grounded in the same in-depth cranialanatomy and physiology as other schools of training in CranioSacral Therapy. With the addition of Myofascial Unwinding and Biofield Therapies, DBB has become a beautiful form of hands-on therapy that restores balance to the mind, body and spirit. The primary difference from other similar forms of work is the application. In most cases, DBB techniques are performed with the client in the “position of injury”, which is primarily seated or standing. Clients in these positions will quickly and actively allow their bodies to re-enact an injury and will move in a gentle dance with their facilitator as their tissues begin the process of restoring a state of balance and harmony within the cells of the body. Emotions stored in every cell involved in the release are allowed to surface and the client is encouraged to “breathe out” the “molecules of emotion” that no longer serve them.

TFH – Touch For Health Energy Kinesiology

I have completed all four levels of TFH with Sister Dorothy Merth.  Touch For Health takes energy work to the next level with muscle testing and balancing. Working with the meridian pathways and the acupoints to clear stored emotions and trauma from related muscles and organs.

I use techniques from Touch for Health for Sports Performance Enhancement.

Medical Intuitive Training & Quantum Healing

I have completed 4 Levels of Quantum Healing with Kim Seers. Medical Intuitive Training is not about diagnosing illness, it is about seeing and feeling the light body. To see, feel and remove the blocks, imbalances, and emotions that are stuck in our light bodies and causing illness.

To allow free flow of Chi to run thru our body’s, from the heavens to the earth.

I have completed other various non-certificate classes and workshops such as EFT, Qi-Gong, Matrix Energetics, Gary Spivey Spiritual Clearing and Protection, Reflexology, Essential Oils, Emotional Clearing, and other Medical Intuitive classes.

Spiritual Enlightenment Training

I have been studying and practicing Psychic Development and Mediumship for most of my adult life and have been blessed to have been able to travel and learn under some of the most respected teachers in this field.

Psychic Development with Echo Bodine, Minneapolis MN

Mediumship Training and workshops with John White, Lilydale NY

Arthur Findlay College of Mediumship, Paul Jacobs & Brian Robertson, Stansted Engand

Mediumship Training with James Van Praagh, Minneapolis, MN

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