What Treatment, How Often?

How do I know what treatment I need?

How often should I see you?

These are just basic guidelines, as everyone is on a different healing path. Whether it is emotional issues affecting your body and mind, traumatic event, auto accident, cancer or other life altering illness, or you just want help dealing with the stress, pressures, and pains of our times, please call me and we can discuss what may work best for you.

I think everyone benefits from having an unwinding as I tap into the core of your body to allow your body to unwind and let go of any past trauma, whether it’s from childbirth, repetitious work or sports, accidents and falls, or just the stress on the body from sitting on the computer all day. An initial unwinding sessions can last 1 ½ to 2 hours, but coming in regularly your body  will have less to unwind each time so then I recommend having a 1 hour energy session. When you get to the point of no pain, feeling good, or whatever your goal is, then I highly recommend preventative care, at least a half hour session every month or two, or when you start to feel overstressed again. This will help keep you feel clear and stress free.

Now let’s get to the energy session, I think the energy session is a basic necessity in life, I know it changed mine. When our energy system is compromised, we start to feel it in our bodies; the stress takes over and plays havoc, mimicking a multitude of illnesses. I can’t emphasize enough about the importance of coming in, lying down, relaxing for a few minutes to calming music, and allowing me tap into the blocks and imbalances in your energetic system, so we can clear them and allow your body to function wholly.

If you come in for an unwinding and your body tells me otherwise then I will just charge you for a regular energy treatment, and clear and balance your chakras, auric field, and other energy pathways. I incorporate some unwinding as needed in a regular energy session, usually the cranials. I recommend everyone to practice self- care and have an energy session at least once a month, even if it is just a ½ hour session.

It is a new kind of stress we deal with now days and your children are experiencing this stress at early grade school ages. I think a lot of it is from all the radio and electromagnetic waves, preservatives, pollutants, etc., that is why I have come up with affordable rates for your children, it’s nice when the whole family can benefit.

Those who I see regularly and practice self- care have a lower rate of sickness, less stress, and more happiness.

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